The future of Customer Experience is Orchestrated Engagement

The future of Customer Experience is Orchestrated Engagement

“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” said both the famous Abraham Lincoln, and renowned author Peter Drucker.

Oracle Impact for Business hosted on 28th September at the Taj with the tagline ‘Your Tomorrow. Today,’ was designed to talk about futuristic topics, as well as introduce the technology of the future.

“India takes the third place in investing in digital platforms, and has the highest growth in smartphone usage.

Paolo Maraziti, Vice President, Business Development APAC Applications, Oracle together with ArunNaikar, Head e-commerce, FabIndia discussed how India needed to increase their technology adoption rates for delivering intelligent customer experiences (CX). Leveraging technology to create exceptional customer experiences is a surefire way to stay ahead in the CX race.

According to Arun,  the future of customer experience lies in orchestrated engagement which is why FabIndia has a website with a large collection of their products, adaptive mobile website, and an online endless aisle. They also have PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), and focus on returns and engaging with loyal customers. Their own website delivers about 90%of their business. By adopting latest technology available, FabIndia was able to harness the power of technology to increase their ROI.

The purpose of technology is to create a better, faster, and cheaper selling experience

Intelligent CX will solve the current issues in the field of CRM. Siloed customer data, inflexible process and workflow, lack of real-time business insights- are some of the barriers that ruin customer journeys. The use of digitally disruptive technology can combat these obstacles.

Combining data and technology for optimal marketing solutions

MadhukarUniyal, Sales Consulting Director, Oracle said that creating an exceptional customer experience is the result of a combination of biology and marketing. To elaborate, in marketing your brain decides who gets what, at what stage, with what content etc., – all the data from your previous learning is used. Big Data is the brain, and marketing is the tool used to execute the insights obtained from this data. Marketing Automation therefore is the go-to strategy that serves the purpose. “Marketing Automation is not just about execution or data, but a combination of both.” saidMadhukar, “But keep in mind that if data is a marathon, then execution is a sprint.”

Leveraging the infinite digital possibilities

Of course, the channels we use to connect with our customers is also important which is why it is essential to optimize your omnichannel customer experience. A fact that Naval Khosla, Senior Director, Sales Consulting, Customer Experience pointed out, explaining how every customer journey was unique and therefore there are infinite possibilities in the digital paths. There’s a chasm between customer expectations and brand deliveries, which has to be bridged.

With digital disruption on the rise, it is becoming imperative for organizations to equip themselves to overcome the challenges that arise with it. Oracle’s event discussed the many technologies available now that will aid in delivering a seamless customer experience.


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