Improve Efficiency at Your Workplace with these 10 Tips

Workplace tips

Running behind on a deadline? Dozing off at work? Panicking last minute about the amount of work you have left? We’ve all been there. Alas, time waits for none and in this fast-paced digital economy, if you can’t keep up then you’ll be left behind. We’ve got you covered though! Here are 10 tips to eliminate such issues and improve your productivity at work:

  1. Plan your day

You might think you have enough time to finish all your tasks until it’s the end of the day and you’re still on task number 3. Allotting time for each task in the morning and sticking to it will eliminate this problem. Keep small deadlines for yourself by breaking your day into time slots, instead of having one or two scary deadlines at the end of the day.

  1. Communicate effectually

When giving out tasks make sure to be clear in what you expect and by when. If you’re clear in what you’re asking, your co-workers and employees will find it easier to deliver more effectively.

  1. Set goals

Setting goals for yourself, for the team and for the company means that you know what you are working towards. When the big picture is clear, it becomes easier to understand how to journey towards it.

  1. Be realistic, not idealistic

While setting deadlines and goals for yourself is important and necessary, make sure that your being realistic in your demands. ‘Perfect is the enemy of good.’ So don’t try to be perfect, aim for delivering through on good.

  1. There’s no room for ego in a team

If you’re the team leader this only applies more to you. It is essential that you remember that there is something you can learn from everyone. Assuming that you are always in the right, and there is no one smarter than you means you leave no room for growth. This also means that if you have made a mistake you need to own up.

  1. Give credit where credit is due

Your co-workers and employees must feel that they are valued, and that they are gaining something out of their position in the team. Reprimand and commend, teach and congratulate. Employees that feel their value are more likely to be motivated to work better. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself too whenever the situation arises.

  1. Lead by example

Practicing what you preach is proof of your integrity as a leader/employee. When you show your colleagues and employers that you are a man of your word, their respect for you will rise. Make sure you meet the expectations that you have of others.

  1. Take a break, have a Kit-Kat

Or just take a break. You’re human, not a bot so don’t forget that you need a break once in a while. So do your employees. Having a team dinner at the end of the week once in a month, or once in two is a good way to socialize between departments as well as to relax.

  1. Regular feedback instead of annual appraisals

Constantly going back and forth on what is working and what isn’t in terms of a worker’s efficiency means they can correct themselves right then and there. It also eliminates the pressure employees feel during appraisal season.

  1. Upskill yourself and your workers

It’s a new age we live in and there are various softwares and technologies that can increase productivity at work. However, do your employees have the skills required? Make sure that everyone at your company is upskilled so as to avoid falling back in the race.

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