“We see a world of problems and it is awesome”: How Does Cypress Stay Ahead of the Curve

Spotlight: Top HR Leaders: Rajesh Toranagatti, Director HR at Cypress Semiconductor Corporation


According to Rajesh Toranagatti, Director HR at Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, “hiring is a process, not an event. So is retention and development. Done right, employees directly impact the energy at the corporation.” Read on to know how Cypress wins at talent management!

What are the steps you take as a leader to embrace innovative disruption?

My company is fast changing. The overarching theme of my changing corporation is “We see a world of problems and it is awesome”. In such an environment, being unmoved by problems, and not pushing the boundaries is like committing an organizational sin. Hence, the natural nuance that embeds us to our company’s DNA is embracing problem-solving mode and adapting disruptive thinking. Looking around and accepting the world as is will make me defunct. Surrounded by some of the smartest people in the world, today I do three things to embrace innovative disruption. 1) Operate with a sense of urgency as though things cannot wait. 2) Build and be a part of the team that creates strategies for change on a continuous basis. And finally 3) institute change and move on to invent the next big break through.

What are the strategies you employ to upskill your workforce?

Being blessed to work with an ever evolving corporation, a clear, concise and an unfailing learning strategy that addresses learning in the current and future context is essential in supporting the uniquely different learning and development needs of our employees.  Hence our L&D Strategy internally sets out the key learning and development objectives and actions which include:

  • Prioritize business needs & align Business, HR and Learning Strategies
  • Analyze L&D needs
  • Develop strategies for addressing L&D needs
  • Evaluate L&D
  • Strengthen Ethics and Governance
  • Promote strong Financial Management
  • Measure the outcome

How do you win at talent management?

Cypress believes in hiring the best. It is one of our core values and we don’t negotiate on this. With steadfast belief in attracting, developing and retaining the best talent, our philosophy is always look after the best as the best, not as the rest. Finding, recruiting, and keeping great people is a struggle anywhere. The vast majority of our recruits do come directly out of universities as well as through lateral channels. Often the lateral hires must be pried away from our competitors or from companies in related businesses–companies that are eager to hang on to their best people.

At Cypress, hiring is a process, not an event. So is retention and development.

Done right, employee directly impact the energy at the corporation. Our founder always believed that “Most great people don’t work just for money. And no amount of money on its own can inspire and sustain great performance.” Hence honest conversations, feedback on performance, scientific evaluation of candidates, differentiated workforce planning enables us to sustain outstanding performance of our talented workforce.

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What role do you think culture plays in increasing efficiency at work?

Culture is the DNA of the organization. The tools, the systems, the stories and the deeply embedded norms of employee behavior is drawn from our core values that create our culture. You cannot divorce people from the culture. Our corporation has evolved over the last few decades. From being a tough and an operationally intense culture, we successfully built empowering and innovative culture in the recent past. What has not changed is we being candid with each other–sometimes brutally so–because we are so determined to get the job done. However, we also have to remind ourselves about the importance of being constructive and respectful. Although we don’t not do formal “indoctrination” of culture, but it makes us who we are, what we do and how are things done at Cypress. People absorb a culture by living it every day and seeing the people around them live it.

What role do you think technology plays in talent management? How can technology bring about a change in the talent management lifecycle?

We being a hi tech company, clearly recognize the significance of technology and its impact in the decision making. Cypress has made a fair amount of investment in the talent management lifecycle.  With us becoming truly global company, we factor the changing dynamics of a diverse workforce. We are heavily invested into a technology that today provides us an unified solution that includes: Onboarding, Recruiting, Performance & Goals, Learning, Compensation, and Succession & Development. Every solution brings us greater value when complemented with Workforce Analytics and Planning, so we can better understand our workforce and the effects of talent decisions on business performance. Our talent management strategy fully aligns, optimizes, and accelerates the workforce with our long term goals. When our people strategies and business strategies are linked to technolgy, data and analytics, it enhances our execution capabilities enabling us to drive real business results.


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