3 Ways to Transform Your Professional Life For The Win!

By Aditi Bhat


We are currently witnessing the fourth Industrial Revolution in the form of a Digital Revolution. Newer technologies and jobs are emerging to solve modern-day challenges. For coping up with the rigors of these new-age jobs and to stay ahead of the curve, it has become essential to invest in upgrading your skills. Just look around yourself; how many of your colleagues are pursuing some course or the other to stay relevant to their field of choice? You sure don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Here’s why upgrading your skills will be so important in the future:

Some of the most popular new jobs are paying salaries that were unheard of for fresh engineering graduates. The only requirement is that they should have additional qualifications like a Hadoop certification, advanced Excel training etc.

However, upskilling has several far reaching benefits other than just getting a higher salary or being able to keep your job. Let’s see why upskilling is so important –

Widens your professional circle 

When you take up big data courses or any other tech-based professional course, you come in contact with a lot of like-minded individuals who are at a similar juncture in life. You can exchange notes with them, learn from them, and as a result build a strong network that can help you later in your professional journey. Apart from that, you can always stay updated on the professional developments in your field via these networks.

Explore other career options 

Once you are a master of multiple skill sets, many more job possibilities open up. Suppose you are adept at Java and have completed short term courses in UI and UX development, not only can you build applications but also get into the designing and usability, thereby offering much more to the recruiter. Having multiple skills makes you much more indispensable to the client and increases your pay package.

Become more efficient at work

Learning newer things gets you acquainted with faster and better methods of working that you might not have earlier been privy to. You can always combine your newer skill sets with your old ones to work more efficiently, systematically, and accurately. And it is this different way of working that makes professionals stand out in the office.

70% of companies want to implement AI. The importance of AI, big data, and data analytics is on the rise. 

5 million tech jobs are expected to open up by 2027

Companies are adopting new age technologies and new methods of working.Manipal ProLearn is playing an active part in India’s Digital Revolution. It offers professional courses aimed at upskilling professionals. Be it Hadoop training or a big data certification, Manipal ProLearn is making everything available under one roof. This is contributing in filling the massive gap that tech companies are facing with regards to employees who are skilled at new age technologies.

For the job seekers, Manipal ProLearn is ensuring that they receive lucrative salaries by offering them a chance to learn material that’s developed in collaboration with organizations like Google, Microsoft, and EY. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today, and make yourself worthy of that fat pay package!

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