The Right Culture Drives Ethics, Integrity and Innovation: Jaidip Chatterjee, SREI



“The right culture drives ethics, integrity and innovation which creates an environment of divergence and a broad level of thinking away from myopic and non-transparent thinking.” Read Jaidip Chatterjee, Head HR, SREI insights on the role of culture in increasing workforce efficiency. 

What are the steps you take as a leader to embrace innovative disruption?


We take these three steps to embrace innovative disruption:

    1. Have an Idea – Let it bloom, don’t let it die. Whenever the idea comes encourage it.
    2. Inspiration to Aspiration – Let everybody work on an inspiration to aspiration continuum which essentially means that every seed of thought inspired by whatever factors must lead you to aspire to reach new heights or goals. Given that the goal is inspirational as well as aspirational it would be something different, disruptive and new and be a path breaking idea rather than a repackaged one. There is no point having the same wine in a new bottle, hence we encourage every employee to harness his potential aspiration and be inspired to pursue the same which is differently thought, and will disrupt the normal course leading to better output.
    3. Entice the thinking to be out of the box – It is about the mindset and one should accept the challenges and use them as opportunities to learn and grow. One should innovate in your actions so that it brings you closer to your dream job.

The whole idea under disruptive innovation is create new and be more efficient.    

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What are the strategies you employ to upskill your workforce?

Strategies to upskill the workforce is on 3 pillars:

  • Provide job based and role based training based on needs analysis and self-analysis by individuals
  • Compliance training is a must in Financial services – all should be trained
  • Programme for building future leaders
  1. We at Srei, allow people to pursue what they feel they need most. The whole idea is have faith in our human resources and trusting them to tell us what they need most and how fast they want to make it happen as they know best about themselves. Ours is not a push but pull strategy. We call it learning circle where you find your sweet spot and convince us that this will enable you to be more efficient, require re-skilling and will make the boat move faster. We operate in an environment of limitless boundary and this is promoted within the company. The philosophy works on the sacred theme of work with devotion based on the approach that we need to devote time to learn new things as much as we need time to devote on daily work. People on their own are inspired to do something new every day and learning is not forced but the need is built within.
  2. We are a very compliant centric organization as we are guarded by statutory regulations and are very particular about training for compliance systems, KYC,  etc. which is largely via a mandatory e-learning module.
  3. Build leadership: Kanoria Foundation for – Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Aptitude and Development or KF Lead as it is  referred to, works on the central theme  – To inspire and guide the next generation of leaders in the values, ethos and culture of the Kanoria Foundation so that they unceasingly work with devotion to make a positive impact on billions of people. Transformational Leadership is an innovatively contemporary programme which aims to strengthen the organization through institution building. This programme is for individuals identified as having high potential and who display leadership qualities. These programmes are designed to accelerate leadership development.

How do you win at talent management? 

Our talent management is based on the central framework of principal of 9 – Box Talent Diagram. It maps the entire organization into 9 boxes on the basis of performance & potential.

  • Performance: Technical skills, abilities and subject matter knowledge in job related field;
  • Potential: The ability or capacity for growth and development into a leadership role.

Based on this talent framework we have tailor made discussions with employees.

What role do you think culture plays in increasing efficiency at work?

Culture is single most important in the growth of an organization. There is a phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” so if culture is not right, everything is lost. For us culture is absolutely important. The right culture drives ethics, integrity and innovation which creates an environment of divergence and a broad level of thinking away from myopic and non-transparent thinking. It’s in the DNA of the firm to embrace the right culture and behaviour across levels.

What role do you think technology plays in talent management? How can technology bring about a change in the talent management lifecycle?

Technology is like the new Aadhar for any organization in any function be it in HR, Finance, Audit, Marketing and so on and has become integral to our existence.  For HR: the world of analytics, the world of instant predictive reports on people, engagement and culture comes with the help of technology. Technology will be important but I won’t say there will be no role for HR and HR people will go out of their jobs – HR will always have a dominant business partnering role and technology will be an important enabler to bring the raw data into a form which one understands when correctly analyzed and be used to take informed decisions. Natural language programming or NLP will be/ extremely important as natural lingo will be used as bytes of information at the workplace and be transferred into data points for decision making. Thus technology is going to be the new driver for our new life in HR.   

Talent management lifecycle is something that is based on huge predictions on potential, performance and technology through AI and other value added tools which will enable HR managers to come closer to taking the right call on people backed by data.


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