Individual or personalized upskilling plans are the way forward: Meena Kumari R, Capillary Technologies


Read our full interview with Meena Kumari R, Senior Business Partner- People Practice, Capillary Technologies to find out how they upskill their workforce for efficiency. 

Steps taken as a leader to embrace innovative disruption

Disruptive Innovation is all about being future ready. Technology is growing at a pace that looks threatening but for an HR leader vision truly lies is looking beyond and accepting how innovation and technology can help solve a lot of our day to day challenges. Aligned with that thought at Capillary we strategically apply employee – focused HR technology that helps us accelerate up the maturity curve through transformation while continuously improving development of knowledge, skills, motivation of workforce and business performance. Innovative disruption is not just a term anymore but very much a reality and we keep an eye on the future trends and prepare leaders and talent in our organization to lead way and be future ready now.

Strategies for upskilling your workforce

Individual or personalized upskilling plans are the way forward. We cannot come out with a learning program for the entire organization and think that it would work. Customization is the order of the day when it comes to learning and development too. Clearly chalked out learning programs across the employee lifespan is the key for employee development. Although class room training and on-the-job trainings have been traditionally successful, digitization and gamification of learning has shown improved results and has led to a spike in interest levels from millennials.  E-learning and virtual classrooms have helped nuture talent better than ever not just to upskill but to retrain as well. Peer networking, crowd sourcing for solutions and mentoring have ensured we instil a culture of coaching and a culture of excellence too. We keep updating our upskilling strategies so that it remains in sync with the changing times.

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