FAQs – Digi 100 APAC Application

What is Digi 100 APAC?
APAC Digi 100 will recognize APAC’s leading digital marketing professionals that have aced on leadership, creativity, impact, innovation and measurable excellence through their campaigns.

To view the India Digi 100 list for 2018, click here.

Who can apply?
If you lead a troupe of digital mavericks- be it on the agency side, or a brand or you may be the in-house digital expert at a start-up, and you have created campaigns that have delivered results, you are totally eligible to apply.

Who are the jury members?
We will have an elite jury for APAC Digi 100. We will be publishing a list of 100. It is not a ranking but a list of the Top 100.

Who can I nominate? What is the criterion/eligibility for nomination?
The Digi 100 APAC is for progressive digital marketing leaders from Agencies and Brand Owners. Nominees can range from CEOs of agencies, Digital leads, Account Directors, Creative Directors, Brand Heads, Digital Marketing Heads.

What are the parameters?
The parameters used to shortlist potential entrants to the Digi 100 APAC list include:

  1. Leadership – Use of modern practices with tools and technology, team development, contributing to the community at large.
  2. Creativity – Creative use of design focusing on the use of technology. Digital transformation stories.
  3. Impact – Creation of campaigns that deliver business value to the organization or client.
  4. Innovation – Use of modern marketing techniques in a creative manner.
  5. Measurable excellence – excellence is the execution supported with metrics.

What will the Digi 100 APAC recognition entail?
–  A certificate  stating that the individual is on Digi 100 APAC: The List of Top 100 Digital Marketers in APAC
– A digital badge
– Listing on paulwriter.com

Where will the Digi 100 List be announced?
The  #Digi100 APAC will be announced during a gala evening in Singapore. More information regarding this will be shared with you by mail.

How can I register a nomination? How can I get a nomination form?
Do share your interest on jessie@paulwriter.in and we’ll send you the nomination form.

Can I make multiple nominations?

Can I nominate myself?

Can I nominate a friend/colleague/boss?


What is the deadline for the nomination?

The deadline for the nomination is 26th March, 2019.

What is the process followed for compiling the list?
The long-list will be created post reviewing the application forms. The jury then allocates points to each basis parameters decided. The jury’s decision on APAC Digi 100 List is final.

Is there a fee involved?

Can an agency apply on behalf of their clients?
Yes. An agency can nominate on behalf of their clients.

Any other questions?
Email: jessie@paulwriter.in
Phone: 080 4096 5053
or email paulwriter@paulwriter.com