5 Ways Your Organization Can Achieve Effective Communication

There is a tremendous change in how people and teams together work these days. Teams today are more agile while organizational structures are kept more flat to keep communications and information flowing. Communication tool should try and create more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible—across the team.
5 Communication Tips To Stay Cool And Keep A Crisis At Bay

5 Communication Tips To Stay Cool And Keep A Crisis At Bay

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a leader at the helm of affairs at a mature organisation good communication must be at the core of all business strategies. Great workplace culture is always built with clear communication as the backbone. Establishing this practice from the very start (especially for early stage companies) or trickling it down from the top is imperative to running an organisation that is well-oiled in every sense of the term.
COVID-19 Bereavement Communication

COVID-19 Bereavement Communication

How does one communicate news like this? How large should the audience be? Who should send out the communication? How should it be worded? Should we name the staff members who we have lost? Should we include their families in the communication?
Sales Results in A Week Data Analytics in Marketing

Sales Results in A Week: Data Analytics in Marketing

Campaign performance - 1.9% response resulted in 779 customers shopping (by way of coupon redemption) - 42% were pure offline customers –they made their first online purchase - Average Transaction Size (ATS) of 4400 ->resulted in net sales of Rs 34+ Lakhs - Campaign cost: Rs 27,000
Primal fears, consumer trends and Covid-19

What is Fear Based Marketing? What marketing trends does it drive?

The fear of being 'rejected' by the opposite sex due to bad breath or pimples is a time-tested trigger used by marketers. Another is the fear of shame also called "Ego death" by Dr. Karl Albrecht. Remember those ads and urging the CIO to buy anti-virus software or a data backup solution to ensure business continuity or face the wrath of his boss?
How Desi Is Your Brand?

Is Your Brand Ready for Vocal for Local in India?

Vocal for Local is trending in India post COVID lockdown. But country brand is a master brand for your products. Different countries have different perceptions amongst customers - positive or negative. Think of phrases like German Engineering, Indian IT, French Style. So choose your nationality wisely.
9 Steps to get through AIDA in a week

9 Steps to get through AIDA in a week

True Story Target audience - Luxury property buyers Brand - yet to be established real estate company in that city Platform - FB ads The result - 350...
Vocal for Local India needs a brand plan for soft power

Vocal For Local: India needs a brand plan for soft power

There was a time when my mother coveted something called “Singapore Saris” - these were imported polyester items that were considered more fashionable than...
Let’s merge Sales and Marketing for Growth

Let’s merge Sales and Marketing for Growth

Roll over CMO - welcome, CGO! Let’s merge Sales and Marketing for Growth When I joined Infosys in 1998, Marketing and Sales had different bosses. After...
How can your brand Rock the Recession

How can your brand Rock the Recession?

By pretending there isn’t one. I don’t mean denial, but I do mean that a batten-the-hatches freeze -all-spending is not the only option. During the...