About Us

Get insights into how CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) is being redefined and how technology is becoming an enabler in achieving this transformation. We take a deep dive into CX requirements for achieving success, challenges, trends including an industry spotlights. Let’s Talk CX as a platform is a limited edition season running into Season 4 currently.


Companies understand that creating an exceptional customer experience (CX) is the only way to differentiate in today’s competitive market. How an organisation delivers experiences to customers is now as important as what service it delivers, or product it supplies.This season is about getting CX Essentials right for delivering a winning Customer Experience.


So how do we take the homey friendliness of the neighborhood kirana store (local grocer) and transpose it to large, scalable digital-enabled businesses? This season graduates beyond CX fundamentals and talks about SMART CX.

SEASON 3 – CX that Differentiates

CX is the potential magic sauce that can displace incumbents and increase loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth for your brand. It requires a holistic view of the firm and the multiple journey paths of the customer. This season is about using CX as a differentiator for your brand.

Season 4 – Smart CX Refresh- Modern Marketing Redefined

This Season aims at sharing focused insights and content that foster dynamic conversations spanning the entire customer lifecycle from Indian mid markets. It brings together best practices from the home grown fast growing organizations who have successfully integrated marketing and CX