Are You a Customer Marketer?

In the age of the customer, every aspect of business – from strategies and processes to organizational structure and culture – is being remodeled to become more customer-centric. Yet, most brands, get so caught up with fancy metrics that they fail do the essential, i.e., to really listen to their customers. This is a huge mistake especially when your success today depends on how you treat your customers. Customers equate brands with experience today. And how they want to spend their money is no longer influenced by marketing messages, but rather by their experiences with the brands. The signs are pretty clear -the future belongs to those brands that create the most awesome customer experiences.”

Speakers: Wendy Hogan, Marketing Transformation & Strategy Director, Oracle APAC Subhendu Pattnaik, Director, Marketing, Cigniti Technologies

Questions discussed in this webinar:

1. What is the role of CX in Marketing?

2. What tools are marketers using to understand customer behaviour?

3. What is the difference between Marketing data vs Customer data?

4. What metrics do marketing leaders use to manage and measure CX programs?

5. How do you drive tangible business impact from marketing-led CX?

Download Wendy’s Presentation here.

Download Subhendu’s Presentation from here.


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