Customer Experience – Is it all in the Data?

We live in an always on, data-driven, real-time world, where prediction of events or even the ability to suggest an action has increasingly become a differentiator. With so many intelligent applications in use and the vast amounts of data being collected, the potential is huge. However, research says, 80% of data is still ‘dark and untouched, meaning it is never actually used to make improvements or changes deemed necessary by the customer. One of the biggest pitfalls of today is companies get so focused on collecting data that they never actually use it! What they fail to see is that the beauty of data is not just in what it tells you, it’s in what decisions you make based on those actionable insights.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How can data-driven CX make a difference?
  • Why do Companies still face challenges when it comes to integrating customer insights in real-time?
  • Why, data without applied analytics is practically useless?
  • The role IoT and AI will play in the future?
  • And most importantly the potential it holds Now – what are the near-term implications of contextual data?


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