Expert Advice: Top Tips to Overcome CX Challenges Holding Back Organizations


Organisations face several challenges when it comes to optimizing the customer experience, or CX for customers. Roadblocks range from gaining buy-in from senior management, creating a culture that is customer-first, connecting CX initiatives to return on investment or ROI, support and alignment with peers, advanced technology capabilities and digital transformations for business are just a few of the stumbling blocks that keep organisations from progressing and enhancing the customer experience. Conquering CX challenges can seem overwhelming.

Overcoming these challenges is even more important as industries, such as the telecommunications industry, in India continue to advance, thanks in large part, to technology. However, organisations can overcome these challenges with the right guidance. Discover three ways organisations are overcoming CX challenges.

1. Offering Value to Enhance CX

When customers perceive value in a product or service, they are more likely to stay loyal to that brand or company, according to the India Customer Experience Index 2016 report from Forrester Research. One particular industry that has made this apparent is the financial services industry. The industry as a whole aimed to improve their customer experiences by creating a customer-first culture and delivering customer experiences that offer more value with better quality. These efforts have helped the industry earn loyal customer relationships that have exceeded other benchmark industries, such as the Auto & Home Insurance industry in India.

2. Linking CX to ROI

Gaining buy-in from senior management and peers can prove difficult and hamper your organization’s efforts to improve customer service. However, this challenge can be overcome when you present relevant information that can add value to the firm. That is why it is vital to make your peers understand how a customer-first culture can improve ROI. For example, this was evident in the performance of both digital-only and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Companies within the industry realized that discounting their products and services was not truly adding value to their customers. Instead, it was eating into their bottom-line profits. However, customer experience is an important part that cannot be ignored and affects the profits in the end. Getting your team to understand this will help them buy-in to improving CX budgets. By doing this, you can improve support and alignment needed from your peers.

3. Investing in Technology

Lagging technology capabilities creates a challenge that can hold your organization back. The good news is that recent advancements in CX technology now enable companies to seamlessly implement solutions to enhance the customer’s experience.

Bansi Kotecha, Head of Community Operations for Uber India and winner of the 2016 Quest Best Overall CX award for e-commerce, states that “responsiveness is at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to build a support network in India that ensures a seamless experience.” Without the use of efficient CX technology, Uber’s award-winning customer experience mission would be impossible.

This is why technology investments are vital to overcoming CX challenges. Additionally, investing in technology can help the organization transform on a digital forefront.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are trying to convince your senior management team to understand the value of improving your CX, or you are trying to get your peers to promote CX enhancements across the organisation, it is vital to have a plan in mind before approaching anyone. Consider the examples in a variety of industries and benchmark their successes and failures against your organisation’s current CX plan. Link CX to ROI and promote a customer-first culture to get the buy-in that you need.



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