Here’s How CX has Led to Loyal Customers and Repeat Purchase

Mom and Baby using Oracle Marketing Cloud

BabyCenter, an online media company focusing on young and expecting parents especially women has used Oracle Marketing Cloud for its mass personalization campaigns. The company customized messages targeting primarily the expecting mothers to create customer experience that’s just tailor-made for her.

Watch here how BabyCenter Used Oracle Marketing Cloud for Meaningful Interactions

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In the Indian context, Printvenue which is an online platform for personalized products relies on customization for its business and for the company Customer Experience (CX) is at the heart of all its initiatives.

Bipin Narang, Co-founder and MD at Printvenue believes that technology is critical for implementing a seamless customer experience. The company uses proprietary technology for an easy-to-use customization experience, even for non-designers. Customers can self-customize over 600 products using various user-friendly options with over 50000+ design templates available on the site. This saves the customers the trouble of having to identify, engage and pay designers separately. Narang says, “We have seamless customer experience across our desktop site, mobile site and app, thus allowing the users to upload photos or designs from their phone, and customize further on the desktop. Besides, customers get a real-time live preview of their products with customization, thereby allowing them to modify or change any font, color, photo or placement. The same designs or logos can be used across a variety of products, minimizing duplication of design work.”

The company has a clear focus on personalization which has led them to build a loyal customer base. In fact, Narang is emphatic when he says, “Our customer loyalty and repeat purchase behaviour is among the highest in the industry.”

He attributes this repeat customer success to Printvenue’s focus on CX and personalization. Even in their marketing, the company has ensured that all communication is individual focused and all marketing channels have specific offers custom-tailored for individual needs, to avoid any spamming.

Narang adds, “We offer real-time order tracking, including shipping and delivery updates, through the customers account. The customers can re-order any product in single-click, without having to re-design the same like the business cards.”

Individualized CX had led to harness customer loyalty which is directly related to repeat purchase in the case of Printvenue. For BabyCenter, strategy of personalization has helped them to establish the brand as a reliable content source where readers log in again and again for reading material that’s highly relevant.



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