Why Transformation Into a Demand-Driven Business Is Not Easy?

Transforming into a demand-driven business is not easy and it definitely takes time. To get there, companies need to focus on building integrated business processes and capabilities that will assist in the modernizing operations, or else run the risk of being trapped in silos.

A digital-first approach is being recognized by organizations as a way of transforming into a demand-driven business. For example, Somic ZF Components Pvt., Ltd. (SZCPL) a manufacturer and supplier automotive components for major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) gained enterprise wide data visibility, were able to create reports 2x faster, slashed inventory holding costs by 47%, and supported 15% year-over-year business growth with Oracle E-Business Suite.

For companies, business transformation is a complex, multi-phase process where each stage sets the foundation for the next. Gartner has identified five phases that organizations go through in transforming supply chains:

So how do companies get from a traditional supply chain business to a demand-driven digital organization?

If you would like to know more, we recommend you read “Business Transformation: Why Many Win Battles But Lose The War” by Margaret Harrist on OracleVoice. It outlines multi-phased business transformation journeys of organizations from their earlier supply chain days into customer-centric digital organizations — and identifies where most stall out along the way.


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