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Manisha Lath Gupta is a Marketer, Banker & Entrepreneur. She is currently the Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Clix Capital, a new-age consumer lending firm based out of Gurgaon. At Clix, she runs the Consumer Finance business, and runs Digital & Marketing for the enterprise. 

Prior to joining Clix, Manisha was the CEO & Founder of an online portal for artists, galleries, and collectors of Indian contemporary art to buy, sell and exhibit their work. She founded the venture in 2005, and it was acquired by NDTV in 2016. Today, Mojarto is the largest e-commerce platform for art in the country. 

In her earlier roles, Manisha was the EVP & Head Marketing, Electronic Banking & Retail Liabilities Product & Portfolio at Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank. She was responsible for the marketing strategy, advertising and brand experience across the Axis group companies. Prior to Axis Bank, Manisha spent 2004 – 2010 across two different roles at Colgate Palmolive. In her last role, she was the Associate Director – Marketing and was responsible for delivering market share and profitability for the toothpaste business in India. Prior to this, Manisha was the Consumer Innovation Centre Head for India where she set up the innovation team and processes to deliver new products both for India and regional markets.

1. How do you deal with rising customer expectations?

Meeting customer expectations in today’s age means shifting from being “customer focused” to “customer committed.” The first step towards this fundamental change is to understand exactly what is that the customers really want and value and how do they want to consume/ experience it. Hence, it is very important for organizations to leverage insights and digital data to understand their customers and deliver a truly personalized, differentiated and compelling product/ service in the most easy & frictionless way for its customers.

2. What are 3 important points to remember when creating a digital customer experience?

Price or quality no longer remain the primary differentiator for any brand as convenience and experience become increasingly important for the connected customers of today. This generation of customers is smart, always short of time and frequently hopping channels and devices. In order to deliver great online experiences for such customers, the three important things that organizations should deliver on are: Timely & Always-on Customer Service, Consistent Omni-channel Experience, and Smarter Self Service Options (chatbots, FAQs, IVRs, etc.).

3. What according to you will be the key trends in digital marketing of the future?

As 70% of the users hook on to internet through their mobile devices, a mobile first approach is definitely here to stay. However, as organizations move from selling to engaging customers online, focus will be on developing visually rich and interactive multi-media content that goes beyond just text and is relevant for the voice search era too. Intelligent marketing will depend a lot on the way organizations use data to deliver more personalized and contextual ads based on not only one’s activities, but also their motivations and desires.



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