Big Data, Big Challenges, Bigger Impact: How AstraZeneca Tamed the Data Monster


  • 1

    The importance of stocking your data lake with the right data

  • 2

    How best to integrate data from numerous sources into a cloud data lake?

  • 3

    The most efficient way to manage Big Data and maintain the quality throughout a data lifecycle



04th July 2018
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST

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This webinar brings together Director IT, Science and Enabling Units at AstraZeneca, Furhan Ahmed, Corporate Storyteller & Knowledge Navigator, Vijay Ramachandran, and Aswin James Christy from Talend to share insights on how best to handle the data monster and harness its power for your business.

A result of the fast-paced digital era is the rising customer expectations. Businesses need to evolve their marketing strategies to deliver better customer experience. What's the key to enhancing customer experience? Big Data! The deploying and managing of Big Data to ensure the quality of data is maintained throughout the lifecycle of data, as well as being able to sort through a sea of data to pick the right data are some of the factors that help a business succeed!

Jessie Paul
Paul Writer

Furhan Ahmed
Corporate Storyteller & Knowledge Navigator

Vijay Ramachandran
Corporate Storyteller & Knowledge Navigator

Aswin James Christy Nayagam
Pre-Sales Consulting (India & Amp: SAARC)

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