Tellywood Advertising Meets Cinema

Tellywood: Advertising Meets Cinema

Movie stars are influencers for marketing and are very popular as endorsers in advertising. Here's a quiz that will test your knowledge of movie stars, advertising and branding. Packs a big punch in 10 questions. Do you deserve the red carpet?
Quiz Check in, Check out

Check In, Check Out – A Hotel Brand Quiz

The past can inspire the future. A better knowledge of the business world can trigger cross-industry learnings. Try this hotel brand quiz to learn more about the history of hotel brands.
Advertising and Media in India

Advertising and Media in India

Advertising and Media in India, by Anant Rangaswami Our Guest Quizmaster for this Quiz is Anant Rangaswami Anant is currently the Editor of MELT, the advertising, media...
India's Home-grown Sodas (and other soft drinks) - Quiz

India’s Home-grown Sodas (and other soft drinks) – Quiz

India's Home-grown Sodas (and other soft drinks) - Quiz   Before the Cola Wars entered India, there were many battles won by local soft drink brands....
Vocal for Local Quiz-min

Vocal for Local Quiz

VocalforLocal Quiz India has a long history with a desire to support local brands. It started with the Freedom movement where there was a...
Quiz Indian brands that survive

Brand Quiz: Indian Companies Launched Before Independence

 Desi Survivor Brands These are brands that have stood the test of time. Founded before 1947 they have done multiple pivots to survive. ...
Adversity Brands – Born in Hardship to Thrive

Recession Brand History Quiz

Consider this brand history Quiz a guided tour that helps you understand how these famous brands survived and thrived in a recession. You'll test your brand history and learn some great ideas for yourself too!

Pop Quiz: 5 Growth Facts Everyone Should Know

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How Well You Know Your Polymath?

How Well You Know Your Polymath?

The Polymath People   How well do you know these people who were Jack of All Trades and Master of Many? Which of the following did Satyajit...

Sports & Endorsements – Desi Brand Quiz

According to the report, sports sponsorship in India saw a 19.33% growth in 2016 to Rs. 6400 crore as opposed to the preceding year...